My work derives from investigations of my past and material studies as a means to outlet a voice I have a hard time otherwise vocalizing in an attempt to push myself in directions that are new and interesting to me. Remnants of a lost process derived from early familial labor and appreciation with my ties to my foundation developed from a semi-suburban upbringing. Raw material and constructed processes used to build objects that relate to a moment in time that can withstand time. Perfect forms with imperfect details, blemishes left as insight to the process of making. Humorous in nature yet developed with contempt. Works influenced by the body and it’s gestures with ideas of transition and development into a new state while departing from the past with a learned outcome. The use of minimalism in an attempt to induce personal discovery of a foreign object, leading the viewer to an individual interpretation and coherence is what interests me in my work and continue to develop through experimentation.